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Personalized WordPress Website Solutions

Your business or organization is unique with a story to share and a message to spread, and it shouldn’t be represented by a one size fits all website. Not only is it the cornerstone of your online brand presence, but your website is also a powerful way to generate revenue.

Your customers are online, looking for information, but there are no second chances on the Internet. You need to be sure that you make a good first impression and quickly.

Peak Ed Designs’ consultation process is designed to discover your true value and goals, allowing us to create clean, clear web-based solutions that speak directly to the needs of your target audience.

Peak Ed Designs has been developing web design solutions that deliver true solutions for organizations large and small since 2010 in Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and neighbouring areas.

Personalized Web Design Solutions | Peak Ed Designs

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Solutions for Your Unique Needs

A website, no matter how dazzling, cannot truly represent your organization unless it is designed by someone who understands your organization. Peak Ed Design believes that the best way to gain insight into your organization is to ask the expert, namely you. We want to know about your objectives, target market and unique value proposition. 

With this in mind, we have designed a hassle and commitment-free process, allowing us to get the story straight from the horse’s mouth. 

  • Let’s Get Started

    To help you achieve your objectives, we must first understand them. After you’ve completed our website enquiry form, we’ll follow up with a phone call to discuss your business needs, see how we can help, and if there's a good fit working together.

  • Proposal and Quote

    After consolidating all the information that we’ve gathered from you, your goals and dreams for your website, we’ll present you with a detailed proposal and a quote. If we’re a fit, we’ll move forward.

  • Moving Ahead

    It’s time to get to work! Throughout the process we’ll be checking in, first with a site map and summary of content collected, and then with a prototype and development of the website. The excitement is building!

  • The Delivery

    It’s time to go live! After a series of reviews and testing, your new website is launched and live to the world. Congratulations! We will hand you the keys, and also provide training so that your staff can make edits with confidence.

  • Maintaining that New Car Feel

    Let’s ensure that your investment remains shiny and new. Our website maintenance care plans ensure that your investment is protected, and performing at full capacity on an ongoing basis. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"Andrew is very responsive, and both his copywriter and himself took time to understand what was important for me in terms of branding and messaging, which has clearly reached the demographics and presenting issues I specialize in. Peak Ed were able to skillfully transform my ideas into a coherent vision and a solid product, which I've been very happy with".

James Murch, Grey Matter Psychology

"Working with Andrew at Peaked Designs was seamless from discovery meetings to the end result, and the final product was exactly what we wanted.  I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a website update or a new website created.  Pricing is extremely fair for what you get!"

Amber Harrison, CADS Calgary

"I've had several web pages designed for me over the last decade and I have to say that the job that was performed for us by Andrew and Jonathan was far and away the best job of all of them and the least difficult for us. Professional, creative, and highly responsive are the first adjectives that come to mind. I recommend Peak Ed Designs unconditionally".

Greg Lefsrud, Nuvo Retail Group

Our Web Design Style

Our Web Design Style | Peake Designs

Websites that aren’t intuitive to navigate result in quick exits and lost business. Peak Ed Designs specialize in clear, clean websites that provide a positive user experience. Our commitment to clarity means that your website will be optimized for both you and your potential clients.

In addition to design, we also offer professional copywriting services. After a consultation with the expert (that’s you!) we turn your message and value proposition into a well-crafted, strategic copy. Our copy is conversion-oriented and optimized for both readers and search engines.

Your well designed website will immediately let the visitor know that they’re in the right place. Our sleek, attractive designs match the professional, trustworthy nature that our clients seek to present, and our eye-catching hero sections capture their true essence, setting the tone for a great visit. Keeping the visitor engaged will result in more conversions, to the benefit of your bottom line!

Let's Bring Your Dreams To Life

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Website Maintenance and Security Services

Your website is a major investment and a key component of your success. Unfortunately even the best websites will quickly fall into disrepair if they’re ignored, to the detriment of your bottom line. 

Neglected websites: 

  • Are full of outdated plugins and information
  • Lack traffic as a result of poor SEO 
  • Fail to convert customers 
  • Don’t work or take too long to load
  • Present security vulnerabilities

Peak Ed Designs is pleased to offer website solutions to address this! Our Peace of Mind website care plans are built around our four pillars of maintenance and security:

Security Protection

Software Updates

Website Backups

Premium Hosting

During the website consultation, we are pleased to discuss your website needs and its specific maintenance needs to keep your website safe and secure. During this time, we will choose a monthly care plan package that is best suited to your business needs, ensuring that your website is optimized and fully functional on an ongoing basis.

Your website is a major investment and an important component of your success. Love it and it will love you back!

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