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Education, training, and skills development are critical to organizational success, and must be addressed with competent, well designed learning solutions. Traditional brick and mortar learning environments require travel and schedule coordination, and are often expensive to facilitate. Online learning eliminates these roadblocks, providing immediate worldwide access. In today’s digital world, offering your training materials online means reaching a larger audience more easily.

Unfortunately good intentions and lofty promises often miss the mark when specific objectives are ignored in favour of one-size-fits-all solutions. Peak Ed Designs works with its clients to create online courses that meet your specific learning needs and eliminate the skills gaps in your organization. Peak Ed Designs’ consultation process ensures that we understand your learning objectives, gather the proper information and expertise, and convey it utilizing proven teaching methods. The result is the development of work-ready skills that truly make a difference!

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Andrew Forbes and Alex Lianne Carter have two decades of combined instructing experience, with experience in online, in person, and blended learning environments. Both possess a Masters in Education Technology and Online Teaching Graduate Certificates focused on Adult Learners, as well as a passion for teaching and learning. As a result of Peak Ed Designs’ experience and commitment to proven methods, you can be confident of a positive return on your investment.

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Peak Ed Designs’ Process

Peak Ed Designs is dedicated to creating online courses and online learning environments that drive performance, increase productivity, and meet your true objectives.

Whether creating a course from scratch, digitizing an existing curriculum, or simply updating your online materials, Peak Ed Designs works with you to ensure we get it right. This is accomplished through a comprehensive three part process that ensures that we provide private industries and post-secondary institutions with courses and materials that address their true objectives.

  • Define the Challenge

    Let’s get to the heart of your needs. There are skills-gaps to be addressed and learning objectives to be defined. Peak Ed Designs confers with you, leaving nothing to guesswork. A detail-level document will lead the way forward.

  • Consult the Experts

    It’s time to collect the intelligence. Peak Ed Designs leverages subject-matter experts (that’s often you) to accumulate and organize the information and expertise that will ultimately be conveyed.

  • Build the Solution

    What’s the value of good information if it’s not properly conveyed? Peak Ed utilizes proven learning models, optimized for information exchange, skills development and progress assessment, maximizing the potential for a successful result.

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Kind Words From Our Customers

I worked with Peak Ed on a few curriculum projects. Andrew brought high level pedagogy, innovative curriculum design and 'out of box thinking'. He drafted general learning outcomes using blooms taxonomy to measure assessments. He suggested specific learning outcomes and developed face to face/online learning activities. Andrew's commitment to education allowed my projects to be developed in a timely manner. I highly recommend Peak Ed Designs for all curriculum and online projects. 

~ Parveen Hundal

Andrew was very responsive to my needs, helping with developing my website for on-line learning. I especially appreciated his creating training videos for me so I could make changes, load new content and other additions on my own. I highly recommend his services.

~ Dr. Beth Hedva

Andrew developed the curriculum for the six Microsoft Office courses which we deliver to our learners both face to face and online. The reason we worked with Andrew was because of his attention to detail and his willingness to go above and beyond for the client. We continue to use Andrew for various curriculum projects.

~ Charlotte Kudadirgwa

The Experience To Excel

When it comes to successful learning, course creation is only one part of the puzzle. Peak Ed Designs offers competent personal instruction for online learning, in-person workshops and blended learning environments.

Andrew Forbes and Alex Lianne Carter utilize their training and experience to create a positive learning environment that is conducive to success. Andrew and Alex Lianne have combined for over two decades of instructional experience, and both possess a Masters in Educational Technology as well as an Online Teaching Graduate Certificate focused specifically on working with Adult Learners. Their experiences have allowed Andrew and Alex Lianne to develop proven teaching techniques that optimize the academic experience.

Peak Ed Designs flexible instructional programs accommodate:

  • Online, in person or blended learning environments.
  • Pre-existing or specially developed curriculums.
  • Synchronous or asynchronous learning schedules.
  • Post-secondary learning institutions or private companies and groups.
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