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At Peak Ed Designs, we’re committed to education, from our delivering of training materials and online course creation services, to our custom WordPress solutions and training business owners to effectively and efficiently use their websites. We offer more than just a web presence – we offer a clear path to your business goals.

WordPress Solutions

A one-size fits all approach won’t work for your unique business. At Peak Ed Designs, we walk you through a discovery process to clarify your mission and goals of the website. Then, once we’ve discovered your business needs and who your ideal clients are, we design straightforward, web-based solutions to draw in your target market and clearly communicate the value of your business. But maintaining a great web presence doesn’t stop there, and neither do we. We offer online peace of mind with up-to-date maintenance and security for your website so you can focus on what you do best – your business.

Start the consultation process today and allow us to provide your clients the user experience they’re looking for.

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I highly recommend Andrew with Peak Ed Designs, when building our website he listened to our concerns and needs. Once he had those he ran with it and created a great website to help grow our business! Thanks Andrew! Duncan and Marla Johnson Owners of CL Johnson Welding

Duncan Johnson September 9, 2021

Peak Ed Designs and Andrew worked on the development of our website. The website is quite dynamic, creatively focused to catch the viewers attentions, and offered us the ability to provide our information and offer supports to the viewer. The one thing I know about Peak Ed Designs is that they focus on attention and their quality proves just that. They listen to their customer and not just provide a blank template to the masses. While there may be other companies on the market that offer a lower rate I doubt the customer service and professionalism are present. I would say that you definitely get what you pay for with this group. I would highly recommend them.

Taylor Cameron August 10, 2021

I have had the pleasure of working with the owner, Andrew Forbes, for a number of years. I find that he very professional and very knowledgeable both instructional and website design. He goes to great lengths to create a positive experience for those that he works with.

Peak Ed Designs put together a website and promotional materials for an annual networking event I had put on. I would wholeheartedly recommend them, as their work product was polished and professional. Frankly, they made the entire process easier than I had thought it would be. The results really did the talking though; attendance was up nearly 2x year-over-year.

Vince L June 30, 2021

Website Care Plans

WordPress websites are no longer a “set and forget” part of your business. Dated websites repel customers and descend search engine rankings, while insecure sites keep people awake at night. For a website to truly function, it must be up-to-date and secure, which is why Peak Ed Designs offers comprehensive maintenance and security services. Your website is a crucial part of your business and therefore requires extra care to make sure it continues to perform its functions.

Our Care Plans are more than just maintenance. It's peace of mind for you and your business. Let us evaluate your needs and suggest a Peace of Mind Website Care Plan that will improve your communications and your bottom line!

We have been working with Andrew and his team, for a few years and they are always quick to respond, professional and helpful. Always has great suggestions and ideas. Very patient when directing us on things we can do ourselves. I would highly recommend Andrew and his team for your next project or ongoing web support.

Cheque Print December 15, 2021

Andrew has always been quick, responsive, and good at explaining how to use our website. He was able to solve problems and suggest improvements to the ways we displayed information, making for more dynamic pages. It has been really easy to work with him as he handled all the maintenance for our website over the past 6 years. I would highly recommend using his services!

Office Manager September 21, 2021

While trying to build my own WordPress website I ran into knowledge gaps due to my limited understanding of the process and software. Andrew saved the website by taking over the completion of the project and getting it back on track. With his deep understanding of the web site building process, the software and best practices, Andrew turned the hot mess I'd created into a revenue driving machine. Andrew is a patient and understanding supplier who took over a project that had stalled and turned it around. I hgily recommend Pek Ed Designs for web design and web based education projects. Brett Gilmour Gilmour Photography

Brett Gilmour August 10, 2021

With our website revamp we found that Andrew was very reliable, quick to respond, and he exceeded our expectations and timelines. His weekly update was very effective. We appreciate him paying attention to the details and being clear in his communication. His adaptability to the change scope and needs was refreshing and we would highly recommend him to those looking to take their website to the next level or have any intentions of creating a lead-generating website.

Kyle Kalloo June 30, 2020

I've had several web pages designed for me over the last decade and I have to say that the job that was performed for us by Andrew and Jonathan was far and away the best job of all of them and the least difficult for us. Professional, creative, and highly responsive are the first adjectives that come to mind. I recommend Peak Ed Designs unconditionally.

Greg Lefsrud June 10, 2020

Online Courses & Instructing

Traditional brick and mortar courses can be inaccessible and expensive to both host and attend. Online courses avoids these obstacles and allow you to reach new audiences around the world. Peak Ed Designs works with you to create a course free of traditional classroom learning roadblocks for a solution that’s better for your organization or audience and for you. Our consultation process ensures that we understand your learning objectives, gather the proper information and expertise, and convey it utilizing proven teaching methods. The result is the development of work-ready skills that truly make a difference!

Creating a quality course is just the first part of effective teaching. Peak Ed Designs' lead trainers, Andrew Forbes and Alex Lianne Carter, have the training and experience to ensure your students are successful. With over 2 decades of combined experience in the classroom, along with blended and online learning environments, Forbes and Carter can take your online curriculum and create a positive academic experience for your learners.


Andrew tutored me during a challenging course with HTML and CSS. He was always so helpful and patient with challenging ideas and new learning. He was super knowledgeable about both topics and basically helped me pass a class that was a huge barrier for me to graduate. I'd definitely use him again if I needed help with this topic. Thanks Andrew!!

Jamie Lish September 1, 2021

I have had the joy of working with owner Andrew Forbes on several projects over the years. He has been easy to work with, patient, and attentive, bringing confidence and a good sense of humour to his work. He takes the time to ask questions and understand his clients and projects, and demonstrates the rare quality of being both driven and low-pressure in his approach. I highly recommend working with Andrew and his team.

Jennifer Meister July 25, 2021

Andrew was very responsive to my needs, helping with developing my website for on-line learning. I especially appreciated his creating training videos for me so I could make changes, load new content and other additions on my own. I highly recommend his services.

Dr Beth Hedva July 24, 2021

I have had the opportunity to work with Andrew for more than eight years. He is a talented web designer with a high level focus on curriculum, understanding and delivering precisely what you require. He is professional, engaging, and I have enjoyed working with Andrew immensely.

Tammy Landry July 20, 2021

I worked with Peak Ed on a few curriculum projects. The team supported my vision for each project. Andrew brought high level pedagogy, innovative curriculum design and 'out of box thinking'. He drafted general learning outcomes using blooms taxonomy to measure assessments. He suggested specific learning outcomes and developed face to face/online learning activities. Andrew's commitment to education allowed my projects to be developed in a timely manner. I highly recommend Peak Ed Designs for all curriculum and online projects. Thanks Andrew, appreciate your hard work!

Parveen Hundal June 16, 2021

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