Refreshed Air

Refreshed Air

Website Development: Orlando-based Car Odour Elimination company.

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The landing page of the new Refreshed Air website

Project Summary

The Brief

Refreshed Air is an odour neutralizing and smell enhancement business, located in Orlando Florida. They contacted Peak Ed Designs because they wanted a simple, concise landing page that would showcase their products, which specialize in eliminating odours from car interiors.

Our Approach

After consulting with the owner, Jorge Estavillo, Peak Ed Designs began creating a landing page that would generate interest, build credibility, and promote sales of the product. We utilized best practices for search engine optimization of landing pages and user experience, while focusing on visual appeal.

The Result

The website is visually appealing, using humorous yet compelling imagery to display the products and highlight the value proposition. Biographical information on the creators, paired with testimonials from clients build brand credibility. A clear and well positioned call to action invites users to connect for more information, populating the sales funnel while contributing to a simple, efficient user journey.

You can visit the website at