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Thank you for considering us for your next project.

Peak Ed Designs wants to provide you with the great website you need. We understand that strong results require a strong process. Here’s what you can expect as we journey from the starter’s block to the finish line, and beyond.

Start the process towards a better, more professional and effective website today!

  • Let’s Get Started

    To help you achieve your objectives, we must first understand them. After you’ve completed our website enquiry form, we’ll follow up with a phone call to discuss your business needs, see how we can help, and if there's a good fit working together.

    • First Contact: You are referred to us or you break the ice with a simple email or phone call.
    • Initial Consultation: We ask you questions, you ask us questions, to determine if there is a good fit and alignment between your needs and our services.
    • Enquiry Form: Time to talk about you. By filling out our enquiry form you let us know about your organization, goals and strategy. This information sets us on the right path.
    • Discovery Phase: Using the information you provided in the enquiry form, we conduct in-depth research and analysis of your business, objectives, KPIs, target audience, competitors, and market trends. It will provide valuable insights and help in creating a more tailored solution.
  • Proposal and Quote

    After consolidating all the information that we’ve gathered from you, your goals and dreams for your website, we’ll present you with a detailed proposal and a quote. If we’re a fit, we’ll move forward.

    • Proposal and Contract: Now that we’ve got a great plan for conquering the internet, let’s make this official!
  • Moving Ahead

    It’s time to get to work! Throughout the process we’ll be checking in, first with a site map and summary of content collected, and then with a prototype and development of the website. The excitement is building!

    • Setup of Accounts: To kick off, we create shared folders and accounts for seamless collaboration. This step creates a centralized space for content creation and digital assets, ensuring smooth communication throughout the project.
    • Sitemap Creation: Your site’s structure is crucial for usability and conversions. We provide an overview for your approval, aligning the foundational structure with your vision. 
    • Content Creation: Working with our resident copywriter, we craft persuasive content using keyword research, user personas, and a proven structure. The shared folders established earlier facilitate a smooth exchange of ideas and content drafts.
    • Design Mockups/Visual Elements: Presenting key visual designs, we incorporate the content and user experience, eagerly awaiting your feedback. Early collaboration ensures that design mockups align with the overall vision and message of the website.
    • Development: Moving from concept to reality, we transform your vision into a tangible website. Incorporating a comprehensive content strategy and SEO, your website not only looks fantastic but also performs exceptionally well. We love what we do!
  • The Delivery

    It’s time to go live! After a series of reviews and testing, your new website is launched and live to the world. Congratulations! We will hand you the keys, and also provide training so that your staff can make edits with confidence.

    • Review and Quality Assurance Testing: We cross the goal line. Before celebrating we confer with the referee (that’s you) so you have a chance to play with it before it's launched.
    • Launch: It’s a touchdown! And we’re live. The world wide web is your oyster. Surf’s up everybody.
    • Handoff: We hand off the keys to the kingdom to you. But this doesn’t have to mean goodbye.
  • Maintaining that New Car Feel

    Let’s ensure that your investment remains shiny and new. Our website maintenance care plans ensure that your investment is protected, and performing at full capacity on an ongoing basis. 

    • Post-Launch Ongoing Support: This allows you to seek assistance for updates, improvements, and technical issues, ensuring your website remains up-to-date and optimized.

Start the process towards a better website, an enhanced net presence, and a stronger business.

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