6 Effective Networking Secrets Every Coach Should Know

Andrew Forbes

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Alright, folks, let’s talk about the secret sauce of lead generation – networking! It’s like the hidden gem of the professional world. Sure, you might be the guru of your niche, but if your competition is out there schmoozing, and mingling, with your dream clients, well, that’s a problem.

You see, the magic number is 40%—that’s the closing rate for customers from good old business networking. So, if you’re not in the game of networking and creating connections, you’re missing out on a serious business growth party.

Now, buckle up because I’m about to spill the beans on six undercover secrets. These are the Jedi mind tricks (well, almost) that will have you networking like a pro, building relationships, and raking in those leads. Stick around, my friend – we’re about to turn your coaching business into a lead generation powerhouse!

Defining Your Networking Goals is the Most Effective Way to Accomplish Them

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want. Not only is this a catchy Spice Girls lyric, but an underlying principle of effective networking. Your networking goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.) Now is not the time to be vague or dreamy, setting your intention will help you network effectively.

Picture this: setting your intention is like the GPS for your networking journey. It’s not just about showing up and collecting business cards like they’re Pokémon cards (gotta catch ’em all, right?). No, no. It’s about knowing why you’re there in the first place.

When you set your intention, you’re basically declaring to the universe (or the networking event, same thing) what you want to achieve. Are you looking for potential clients? Wanting to connect with fellow professionals? Hoping to find a mentor who’s basically Yoda in your industry?

See, it’s like giving your networking mission a clear, well-defined purpose. It guides your conversations, actions, and energy. It’s the difference between wandering aimlessly in a networking wilderness and strutting in like you own the place, knowing exactly what you’re after.

So, before you step into that networking shindig, take a moment. Ask yourself, “What’s my goal here?” Once you’ve got that laser-focused intention, watch how your networking game levels up. It’s like having a superpower, but for making meaningful connections. 

So you goals could look something like this…

  • Expand your client base by 10% monthly: Because who doesn’t want a growing army of satisfied clients, right?
  • Build a referral network with 25 professionals: Picture this as your squad of industry pals who have your back. They’re not just comrades; they’re potential sources of referrals and collaborators on epic projects.
  • Attend two social networking events per month: It’s like making a date with an opportunity. The more events you hit, the more chances you have to strut your stuff and make meaningful connections.
  • Grow your email list by ten per month: Emails are like gold in the digital era. Growing that list means more people to dazzle with your wisdom, services, or favorite inspirational quotes – whatever floats your boat.
  • Book a speaking engagement within the next six weeks: Time to step onto the networking stage, my friend. Becoming the voice of your industry not only boosts your credibility but also opens doors to new connections.

Action Item: Write these bad boys down! Seriously, grab a pen, a napkin, your phone, whatever works, and jot down those goals. Research indicates that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if they are written down in black and white (or rainbow-colored, if that’s your style). It’s not just a statistic; it’s science. So, let those goals hit the paper, and watch the magic happen.

Navigating the Right Networks Directs Your Networking Goals

New relationships aren’t just going to come to you, you’ve got to get out there and find opportunities to create them. Attending events and staying connected are the keys to professional networking. Research your target market and their activities.

Try these venues that are proven to help you meet people:

  • Professional associations
  • Social media and online forums
  • Local business events, one in particular that I have been enjoying lately is attending in-person events organized by Alignable: Business Networking Platform and another one of my favourites (perhaps it’s because that is how my wife and I met) is Meetups.
  • Industry conferences
  • Webinars and podcasts
  • Alumni networks
  • Referral groups such as Business Network International
  • Client referrals
  • Collaborative projects with other professionals
  • Non-profit and volunteer outreach
  • Cold outreach
  • Another

Action item: Start a spreadsheet with each of the above as headings. Locate relevant networking opportunities and start booking them on your calendar!

Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch Elevates Your Networking Game

It’s been said that luck is where opportunity meets preparation, and crafting an elevator pitch is a key part of that preparation. An elevator pitch is a great way to engage with new contacts, making it an important sales tool. As an added bonus, the act of creating one might just help you understand your business and your value proposition more clearly.

Crafting your elevator pitch? Hold on, here are some key questions to guide you through the process:

  • Is it concise (or else you could lose them in 7 seconds)? Can you deliver your pitch in a blink? If not, trim it down. In the fast-paced world of elevator pitches, brevity is your best friend.
  • Is it focused on your value proposition and the problems you can solve? Does your pitch scream value? Make sure it hones in on what makes you awesome and the problems you’re here to solve. Let that value shine through.
  • Is it free from jargon or unnecessary details? Are you drowning your pitch in jargon or unnecessary info? Remember, clarity is key. Keep it simple, keep it clear, and watch those eyebrows rise in interest.
  • Is it leaving potential clients with time to ask questions? Does your pitch leave room for a conversation? You’re not delivering a monologue; you’re starting a dialogue. Leave ’em curious and hungry for more – that’s the ticket.

So imagine we’re in that elevator, and you ask me, “So, what do you do?” Here’s a catchy elevator pitch for an executive coach:

Two men networking who are seated at a coffee shop.
Your next opportunity to convert could come at a professional event, or through a random encounter at a coffee shop. Don’t get caught flat-footed. Develop your elevator pitch today!

“Hey there! I’m Justin, and I’m not your average executive coach. I’m the secret weapon for leaders who want to not just climb the corporate ladder but own it. With a track record of transforming top-tier executives into visionaries, I specialize in unleashing untapped potential and building resilient leaders ready to conquer any boardroom challenge. No fluff, no generic advice – just tailor-made strategies that propel you to the C-suite. Let’s not just talk about career growth; let’s craft your legacy. Ready to elevate your leadership game?”

Boom! That’s the kind of elevator pitch that leaves them hitting the emergency stop button, not because they’re stuck, but because they want to hear more.

Now, armed with these questions and the example, go ahead and craft that pitch that not only stops an elevator but also opens doors!

Action Item: Craft 50 and 100 word versions of your elevator pitch. Put them in a media-friendly format such as a PDF so you can send them to podcast hosts or seminar organizers. Practice verbalizing your elevator speech. Don’t memorize it, but own the points!

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Being Authentic is the Key to Building Stronger Relationships when Networking

Now, here’s the deal – authenticity is that secret sauce you can’t fake. Lucky for you, being a coach means you’re in it for more than just a paycheck; you genuinely care about people. It’s like authenticity is your coaching superpower.

So, when you’re out there in the wild world of networking, throw on your superhero cape and rock these moves:

  • Active Listening is Your Jam: It’s not just about nodding and pretending you’re listening while secretly planning your grocery list. Dive deep into those conversations. Listen like you’re solving a mystery, and every word is a clue.
  • Genuine Interest – Wear it Proudly: Forget small talk for the sake of small talk. Show real interest in the lives of others. People can smell sincerity from a mile away, and it’s a fragrance they’ll remember.
  • Honesty, Consistency, Reliability – Your Holy Trinity: These aren’t just fancy words; they’re your networking commandments. Be honest about who you are and what you bring to the table. Consistency and reliability? That’s how you build a reputation that shines like a neon sign in the networking universe.
  • Knowledge and Skills are Cool, But…: Yeah, yeah, you’ve got the brains and the skills – that’s awesome. But being authentic and genuine? That’s the secret sauce that makes you unforgettable. It’s like the difference between a great dish and a Michelin-starred meal.

So, my friend, let your authenticity flag fly high. Watch how not only do you expand your network, but you stay connected. It’s not just about making connections; it’s about making connections that stick.

Action item: Make a short checklist of authentic behaviours. Review it before and after networking events and sales calls. Make authenticity your mantra and people will demonstrate loyalty towards you! Here is an example of a mantra you could use “I am present, connected, and curious. I listen with intention, I connect with heart, and above all, I am genuine”.

Following Up After a Networking Event Isn’t a Detail, it’s the Name of the Game

Now, getting a fish on the line is cool and all, but the real victory is getting that bad boy in the boat! So, after the networking event high has settled, don’t just sit there with a list of leads – let’s turn them into devoted clients.

Here’s your power play:

  • Timely Follow-Up is Non-Negotiable: Think of it like texting after a great first date. You don’t wait a week; you strike while the iron is hot. Same goes for leads. Hit them up while the memory of your awesome conversation is still fresh.
  • Personalization is the Key to Hearts: Generic responses are so last season. Personalize your follow-ups like you’re tailoring a suit. Mention something specific from your chat to show you’re not just copy-pasting your way through life. It builds trust, and trust is your golden ticket.
  • Value is Your Secret Weapon: Don’t just say, “Hey, remember me?” Add value to your follow-ups. Share a resource, a nugget of wisdom, or a hilarious cat meme. Whatever fits the vibe of your conversation. Oh, and ask for feedback. It’s not just about talking; it’s about starting a dialogue.
  • Don’t Drop the Ball – Keep the Dance Going: Finding new leads is like hitting the jackpot, but dropping the ball on follow-ups? That’s a missed opportunity. Take the lead (literally) and keep the relationship ball rolling.

Action Item: Develop a standard operating procedure (SOP) that defines timelines for reaching out to leads and rekindling with those who went a bit radio silent. Build a calendar to keep track of these conversations, and/or automate the process through a platform such as VIP Hub.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on one of these links and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products or services that I personally use and believe will add value to my readers.

Giving Before You Receive Will Ultimately Lead to Receiving More

Ever heard the saying, ‘Give before you receive’? Well, in the networking world, it’s not just a mantra; it’s a golden rule. Sure, we all want to convert leads into clients, but the journey shouldn’t be a relentless sales pitch. It’s about relationship-building, my friend.

Practice active listening. Volunteer and mentor. Provide valuable resources with no strings attached (other than perhaps an email address). By doing this you’ll demonstrate authenticity, create value, and boost your network in the long run.

6 Effective Networking Secrets Every Coach Should Know | Peak Ed Designs
Your potential clients are inundated with information on a daily basis. They’re turning to thought leaders. Are you showing up as that expert, and being authentic in your connection?

Action Item: Build a valuable catalog of content, including blogs, infographics, videos, and lead magnets. Provide these support resources to people who could benefit from them, free of charge. By spreading these ideas to your peers and potential clients, you’ll further your higher goal of establishing credibility through thought leadership and building relationships. Don’t look at it as working for free, look at it as investing in your clientele. (But know where to draw the line)

Do you want to build a strong content marketing platform, drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and grow your business?

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Next steps…Transform Your Coaching Networking Game – From Handshakes to Digital Excellence

Alright, fellow coaches, you’ve just unlocked the 6 secrets to networking like a pro, building relationships, and turning those interactions into a lead generation powerhouse. From setting your networking goals with laser precision to mastering the art of the authentic elevator pitch, you’re armed and ready.

But hold up, let’s connect the dots between networking and your virtual presence. Picture this: your potential clients are doing their homework, and guess where they start? Your website. That’s your digital storefront, the first impression in the vast online landscape. Does it align with the charm you exude in person? Your elevator pitch, those authentic moves, the goals you’ve set – they should all harmonize with the online vibe you’re putting out.

Imagine someone Googles you after a networking event. What’s the first thing they see? Is it a website that shouts your value proposition, showcases your expertise, and makes them go, “Yep, this is the coach I need”? That’s the goal.

Your digital presence is an extension of your networking finesse. It’s not just a website; it’s your online charisma. So, take the leap into the digital realm with a website optimized for conversions, a search engine strategy that nails it, and content that pulls in your ideal clients.

And guess what? Peak Ed Designs is here to turn your digital dream into reality. We’ve got the expertise, the success stories, and the skills to amplify your online game.

Ready for the next step in increasing the visibility of your coaching business? 

Peak Ed Designs can help! Let us grow your business online, just as we’ve done for so many of our clients in the past.

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6 Effective Networking Secrets Every Coach Should Know | Peak Ed Designs

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