Coaches: Optimize Lead Magnets & Landing Pages: 6 Key Tweaks

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Andrew Forbes founded Peak Ed Designs with the goal of offering an educational experience that would better equip his clients for success in the online world. He is a front-end WordPress designer/developer, instructional designer, and online course creator that surrounds himself with a team of experts that synergistically work together to deliver high impact results for our clients. Peak Ed Designs enjoys working with small and medium-size coaches, educators, and entrepreneurs to get their business ideas out of their head and out onto the web.



Your coaching business thrives on generating high-quality leads. No leads mean no growth and, eventually, no business! Landing pages and lead magnet web forms, are two of the most important lead generation tools you have at your disposal, but it’s easy to miss the mark. These 6 key tweaks will help you optimize your landing page and lead magnet web form, allowing you to attract your next high-paying clients with ease. Let’s get started!

The Significance of Landing Pages and Lead Magnets for Coaches

Landing pages are website pages tailored to specific campaigns and audiences, ensuring a focused and relevant message. Done correctly, your landing page will serve as a great big welcome mat for your website, ensuring your prospective leads that they’ve come to the right place. It’s all about building the “know like and trust” factor, and this is an important opportunity to build it!

Lead magnets and lead magnet web forms, allow coaches to capture valuable prospect information. By obtaining this data, you’ll be able to customize your future outreach, maximizing your chances of turning potential leads into your next high-paying clients.

These two aspects of your website are a large component of your digital marketing success, IF they work in conjunction with one another. Let’s get tweaking!

Tweak 1: Command Attention with a Compelling Headline

The internet is big and attention spans are short, so it’s important to grab people’s attention immediately. Your page visitors may only spend a second or two deciding whether they’ve come to the right place or not, so don’t waste this opportunity to confirm the click!

A well-crafted headline goes beyond mere words; it’s a conduit for evoking emotion and making a powerful connection. It should convey your value proposition while addressing your potential customers’ deepest pain points. Think benefits over features! When your potential clients see their concerns reflected back to them in big, bold font, they’re not just reassured – they’re moved on a profound level. It’s the first step in sparking a real emotional connection with your audience. 

A woman holds her head in her hands as she sits before a laptop computer. Are you using a lead magnet to connect and serve her?
Your potential client is feeling frustrated. That’s only because they haven’t met you yet! You understand their concerns and are equipped to address them. Make sure that doesn’t get lost in the fine print!

The AM Institute is an invaluable free tool for assessing the emotional impact of your headlines. It might seem like a minor detail, but it’s a crucial step toward achieving a deep emotional connection with your audience. The tool’s primary goal? To ensure that your headlines score a minimum of 30% in emotional impact, showing that your content is not only engaging but deeply resonates with your readers.

Tip: If you engage in a Google Ad campaign or another form of paid search engine marketing, it’s a good idea to create landing pages with verbiage that matches the keywords you’ve bid on. The psychological effect of this is to convey to your audience that your products and services match their needs exactly!

Peak Ed Designs offers website creation, optimization, Google campaign management and more. Our mission is to focus and streamline your digital marketing strategy, ensuring that it all works together for maximum lead generation.

Set up a call and begin generating leads today!

Tweak 2: Clear and Concise Copywriting Wins the Day

Clear and concise copywriting is your ticket to increased engagement and lead generation success. Leave the details for later on, your goal on the landing page is to get a conversion! So, how will your coaching services enhance their lives? Why should they take that critical step forward? Now is not the time to drone on about your qualifications or backstory (save that for later). Instead, welcome your prospective clients with customer-centric copy that places them in the heart of the story.

Tweak 3: Make Your Call to Action Irresistible!

Now that your leads understand how they can benefit from your coaching services, it’s time to offer them the opportunity to seize it!

A good call to action should be clear, compelling, and well-placed. As we discussed the effectiveness of benefits-based copy, it’s important to note that one study has shown that addressing buyer concerns can increase conversions by 80%, and this principle is especially crucial in your call to action.

Your call to action should work the same way as a casino front on the Vegas Strip. It should be welcoming, exciting, and promise good fortune. The only difference is, that your call to action is not a portal to empty pockets, but an actual ticket to real benefits!

Consider the following example:

Are you ready to attract your next high-paying clients with a flood of leads for your coaching business? (That’s kind of why you’re here, right?)

Let Peak Ed Designs optimize your website and marketing campaigns for maximum lead generation, so you can significantly increase the conversion of leads into your next high-paying clients! (We know that’s exactly what you want)

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Tweak 4: Keep Your Lead Magnet Web Form Simple and Straightforward!

It’s the classic dilemma: a long lead magnet web form generates more data, while a shorter one will net you more completions. Don’t get greedy!

74% of marketers use lead magnet web forms to generate leads, and 49% of these say these forms are their best tools for getting high conversion rates. Clearly, they’re important.

Obviously, you’re going to want to get an email address so that you can follow up. Some basic information about your lead will help you understand their buyer persona and tailor your future communications to their specific needs. Anything beyond that is excessive.

Long web forms are scary! Every question you add to your form will decrease the percentage of people who will bother to actually fill it out at all. Don’t ask questions simply for the sake of doing it. Instead, keep it concise and collect that contact information!

Tweak 5: Give Your Audience a Reason to Fill Out Your Web Form

Why are your leads filling out this web form in the first place? Just to be friendly? To say hello? Not likely.

You’ve got to give them something that’s worth their time. This is where a Lead Magnet comes into play. Perhaps a handy dandy guide that addresses a pain point of theirs, emailed to them in PDF form? A checklist… A quick video tutorial… Maybe a free consultation? Or what about a quiz? (Everyone loves a quiz) As a thought leader in the coaching space, these are generous gifts that not only showcase your expertise but also entice potential clients to take action and connect with you on a deeper level.

The internet is a jungle and everybody wants your info. If you want to stand out, offer your clients something something of value that will generate a quick win for them!

A brief, but useful, lead generation form is pictured.
The Peak Ed Designs Call Schedule web form generates useful information, without looking intimidating. In addition to contact information, it allows you to tell us what you need help with. The open field allows the user to be as brief, or elaborate, as they see fit.

Tweak 6: Make Your Web Form Mobile Responsive

News flash! Many of your potential clients will be accessing your web page and lead magnet web form via their phones. It goes without saying that you’re going to want to present them with a form that is mobile responsive.

Don’t let a cumbersome process hamper your lead generation strategies. Test your form on multiple devices and ask a friend for feedback.

Next Steps

It’s not just about crafting beautiful websites (though we do love making them). At Peak Ed Designs, our passion lies in creating a digital space that optimizes your impact, helping you welcome new high-paying clients and nurturing meaningful connections with your leads.

This means crafting a website that genuinely reflects who you truly are, and your unique value proposition while providing potential clients with a clear path forward. It means implementing content marketing strategies that drive traffic and generate leads effortlessly. It involves employing search engine optimization techniques that ensure you’re discovered in the first place. In addition, we work with our clients on creating a system for nurturing all your new leads once they’ve shown interest by filling out your lead magnet web form.

However, the first essential step towards helping you achieve your goals is understanding them. Set up an intake call with Peak Ed Designs today. During this conversation, we’ll take the opportunity to learn about your business, delve into your goals, and understand your budget. After our call, we’ll get straight to work on designing a plan tailored specifically to you and your unique needs.

Are you ready to harness the full potential of your online presence? Are you eager to effortlessly attract your next high-paying clients?

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