9 Tasks to Outsource & Grow Your Business

Andrew Forbes

Andrew Forbes founded Peak Ed Designs with the goal of offering an educational experience that would better equip his clients for success in the online world. He is a front-end WordPress designer/developer, instructional designer, and online course creator that surrounds himself with a team of experts that synergistically work together to deliver high impact results for our clients. Peak Ed Designs enjoys working with small and medium-size coaches, educators, and entrepreneurs to get their business ideas out of their head and out onto the web.



9 business tasks that can be outsourced in order to save your time and grow your business. Are you working on your business, or simply working in it?

Most business owners have wished they could clone themselves, or at least outsource some of the tasks that take up so much of their valuable time. Business owners are, by nature, ambitious, self-reliant, and hard-working. The mantra that states “if you want something done right, do it yourself” is prevalent. Unfortunately, this bravado often means working in your business as opposed to working on it, which can often lead to stagnation or even burnout. 

Smart business owners know when to delegate, and understand that outsourcing certain business tasks to qualified professionals not only saves time but ensures quality work. Choosing which tasks to outsource is a matter of budget, free time, personal expertise, and the nature of your business. 

Here are 9 different tasks that you could outsource to free up time so you can grow your business.


Your website and other online pages are often your primary means of communication with clients and potential clients. It’s important that your web copy is persuasive, informative, well-organized and professional. This comes naturally to some, but if you’re not one of those people, consider outsourcing your copywriting. You may find that they have great content ideas.  

Example of outsourcing tasks, saving time and gaining business by cloning yourself.
Would you get more done if there was a second you? If you don’t have a clone, consider outsourcing your copywriting tasks.

Graphic Design

An image is worth a thousand words and can go a long way toward catching people’s attention. Well-designed graphics give your company a big-league feel. Poorly designed graphics, unfortunately, do the opposite. While online programs like Canva make graphic design more accessible than ever, it still requires a designer’s eye as well as time. If you find yourself short on either, delegating this task is a good option.  

Social Media

Social media is a crucial part of communications, promotions, and the sales funnel. It’s quite possible that you’re reading this right now because of social media. Social media is one part art and one part science, and doing it right means doing it consistently. Too often businesses focus on their social media accounts in fits and starts, posting up a storm during periods of renewed energy, only to push it to the wayside when things get busy. Momentum is everything, so it pays to have a dedicated person in charge. Outsourcing your social media can definitely pay dividends while freeing up significant time. 

Example of outsourcing tasks, saving time and gaining business by outsourcing social media.
A social media expert can caption and profile the essence of your business strategically and consistently, saving you time. 

Web Design

Considering the mind-boggling size of the online world, attracting a potential customer to your website is a minor miracle. Once there you have mere seconds to convince them to stay. Platforms such as WordPress make website design doable for those with modest technical abilities, but creating a website that looks appealing, provides a great user experience, and portrays your value proposition convincingly is another matter altogether. Could your website use a redesign? Free yourself from hours of hit-and-miss YouTube tutorials and delegate this task to a professional.  

Website Updates & Maintenance

Websites are like children; it’s not enough to create one, but it’s imperative to look after it as well. Security protection, website backups, premium hosting, and software updates are all important parts of the task. Entrusting this mission to a professional can ensure that your website is optimized for performance and safe from malicious bots, and hackers. 

Paid Ads

Outsourcing your paid ads and pay-per-click campaigns can ensure that you get the best results for your budget. These ads are a core part of online marketing, and should be designed and targeted carefully. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO and keyword research are important parts of being found online and encompass a large number of factors. If you think becoming an expert in this field sounds time-intensive, you’re right! Trust it to someone who’s already proficient. 


Sure you could do your taxes online by yourself, but you may leave money on the table, or make yourself vulnerable to future audits. Find a good accountant and save yourself the headache. 


Are you looking for a unicorn who can bring a unique mixture of expertise, attitude, and experience to your company? There are job descriptions to write, candidates to be sought and vetted, and analysis to be done. Of course, you’ll want to be in charge of the ultimate decision, but recruiting agencies can increase your candidate pool while saving you much of the legwork. 

Example of outsourcing tasks, saving time and gaining business.
Do you need a second you to work the nightshift? Save time by outsourcing business tasks instead. 

Next Steps 

Peak Ed Designs knows how important your time is, and we’re here to help. We don’t do recruiting or accounting, but we’ve got the rest of the list covered. We’re passionate about helping businesses grow, and helping entrepreneurs thrive! Contact us today and tell us which of your business tasks you’d like to outsource. We’ll learn about your company and objectives, and put a plan in motion that grows your business while saving you time. 

I want to outsource business tasks, save time, and grow my business.

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