5 Ways to Stand Out and Grow Your Business

Andrew Forbes

Andrew Forbes founded Peak Ed Designs with the goal of offering an educational experience that would better equip his clients for success in the online world. He is a front-end WordPress designer/developer, instructional designer, and online course creator that surrounds himself with a team of experts that synergistically work together to deliver high impact results for our clients. Peak Ed Designs enjoys working with small and medium-size coaches, educators, and entrepreneurs to get their business ideas out of their head and out onto the web.



Stand out above the noise! Boost your business to the next level with these five customer-pleasing, revenue-boosting steps. You’ve got what it takes, so do it!

With so much competition, it may seem impossible for a business to stand out and grow. Fortunately, we at Peak Ed Designs don’t believe in that word and you shouldn’t either. When it comes to getting attention, it’s a jungle out there, and while you might not be able to outspend all of your competitors, if you take the following five pieces of advice to heart, the marketplace will notice. 

Identify Your Unique Value and Shout It Loudly

While you might not be able to be all things to all people, you can be exactly the thing some people are looking for. 

What makes you special? What is it that you offer your customers that your competitor can’t or won’t? Perhaps you know the answer intuitively, or perhaps it will require some self-reflection. Start by listening to your customers. Why do they choose you? Perhaps it’s some aspect of your product, or service, or something as simple as your location or hours.  

Once you’ve identified your unique value proposition, it’s time to say it, then say it again. Even if you feel that it goes without saying, you should make it a core element of your communications, reminding your customers (and would-be-customers) at every opportunity. 

Have a Clear Mission and Stand Out

Setting goals will give you a clarity of purpose that will inform every decision you make, creating the perfect conditions for business growth. If you plan for success in a formalized and organized manner, you’ll drastically increase your chances of achieving it. 

Some companies opt to write a mission statement, outlining their very reason for being. Not only will this provide clarity to your customers, but can also be used internally to keep your team focused and motivated. At Peak Ed Designs, we begin our team meetings by having a team member read the mission statement, to make sure it is front of mind when making decisions. 

example of standing out and growing your business through a mission statement | Peak Ed Designs
A team who is aware of what makes their business special and focused at the task at hand will be able to make a deeper connection with customers. 

Attract Customers to Your Business by Making Them the Main Character

Each of us are the central character in our own lives, so why not make your customer the focal point of your communications? Your customer has a need and they want to know that you’re attuned to it! Storybranding, or ‘the hero’s journey’, is a style of communication that places the client at the very center of the story, allowing them to see themselves in your value proposition. Parents intuitively understand this concept when they repeat bedtime stories, inserting their child’s name into the role of the protagonist, to the delight of the listener. 

In business, it’s more than just communications, it’s a way of life. Reward loyal customers, while welcoming new ones. Provide the little extras that remind them that they’re not a number, they’re the most important element of your business. 

Connect Through Honesty and Authenticity 

It’s understood that nobody is perfect, and if customers see you as people, not faceless entities, they won’t expect you to be. If you can’t compete with industry giants on the basis of price, you can bridge the gap by forming a human connection. Customers will appreciate the authenticity, will award you with greater trust, and will feel good about giving you their business. 

Social media, with its opportunities for pictures, videos, and heartfelt messaging, is built for this. Those who connect with your business emotionally will give you free word of mouth, which will help you stand out far better than paid advertising. 

According to recent data, 90% of customers mentioned authenticity as an important factor in deciding which brands they like and support. 

Championing a social cause will help you find a ready audience with like minded consumers, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, provided you walk the talk. 

Remember, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being real. 

Example of standing out through authenticity | Peak Ed Designs
As this Instagram photo shows, not everyday is a perfect day at Peak Ed Designs. Regardless, we share the journey with our customers and they reward us with their loyalty. 

Grow Your Business with Top-Notch Customer Service

We all know that bad news travels at the speed of light, but good news can make an impact as well. Does your customer service separate you from the pack? If so, your satisfied customers will return, often with their friends in tow. 

It could come from little extras, customer-friendly policies, thanking them for their loyalty or something as simple as smiling, courteous service. Reflect on your customer service and, if it’s lacking, address the shortcomings. Your customers will notice. 

Getting Started  

At Peak Ed Designs, we design websites that showcase the true essence of our client’s unique value proposition. We take care to understand what makes you special and ensure that your website reflects this. We also offer a valuable Online Reputation Development Package that focuses on developing your online presence and helping you leverage the power of your positive reviews (and deal with the negative ones constructively). 

I want a website that helps me stand out and grow my business!

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