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Are you a coach looking to increase audience engagement, but find yourself lacking in time or unique ideas? Studies show that companies that deploy a content strategy see a 30% higher growth rate than those that don’t, but it can be difficult to find the time to create personalized content that connects with your ideal audience. The good news is, in today’s digital age, we have access to a content writer: ChatGPT.

If you find yourself intimidated by this powerful new tool, relax. Getting started is easier than you’d expect. In this article, we’re going to tell you how you can use ChatGPT to generate content to connect with your target audience. We’ll give you specific examples of queries that you can use that will help you create authentic marketing material, drive traffic, and convert leads. If you want to increase your visibility and land high-paying clients, then read on! 

What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) language model that responds to queries with human-like text. It does so by using deep learning techniques gained from pre-training on vast amounts of historical data. 

The results are powerful. While traditional search engines provide relevant websites that relate to your question or search phrase, ChatGPT responds conversationally.

Marketers have leveraged this tool to create content and improve audience engagement. Coaches who understand ChatGPT’s capabilities will be positioned to create superior content marketing campaigns and customer engagement – while saving time!

How Can ChatGPT Help Coaches Connect With Their Ideal Audience? 

Coaches and other small businesses have utilized ChatGPT to increase their productivity, by using ChatGPT’s ability to help with their digital marketing strategy, write blog posts, social media posts, email nurture sequences, newsletters, and more. It’s also capable of powering sophisticated chatbots that can guide website visitors through their questions and toward the next step in the sales funnel. 

ChatGPT is capable of understanding various segments of the population, which positions it to help you connect with your ideal audience.

Consider the following query: 

Can you write a blog post about imposter syndrome that resonates with a female audience?

ChatGPT will respond with a well-formulated essay about imposter syndrome that references the unique challenges faced by women. It could just as easily do so for social media posts or emails on a given subject that connects with males, seniors, athletes, or any other group. It’s easy to see how this saves time for busy content creators. 

Example of ChatGPT’s response to a query about imposter syndrome
These are just the first two paragraphs of ChatGPT’s lengthy response to a query about imposter syndrome. 

Can ChatGPT Write Using My Unique Voice? 

Building trust and credibility with your audience involves establishing a unique voice. Content creators may find themselves concerned that ChatGPT will create content that sounds like somebody else, potentially jarring the audience. Fortunately, these concerns can be addressed. 

Try the following query: 

Can you analyze the following writing style? (Cut and paste something you’ve previously written).

ChatGPT will respond by providing a breakdown of your writing style. The results may speak to your sentence structure, your degree of concision, your use of comedy, or other elements of writing technique. You may find yourself informed and/or flattered. 

Next, ask ChatGPT:

Can you write an article about facing challenges head-on, using the above writing style?

While the result may not be perfect (there’s only one you!), it will be pretty darn representative of your style. 

ChatGPT analyzing the writing style example - Peak Ed Designs
ChatGPT analyzes the writing style of a recent Peak Ed Designs blog on Google Business Profiles. 

Limitations of ChatGPT in Content Marketing

While ChatGPT is a powerful tool, it’s still no substitute for an actual human. There are limitations to ChatGPT’s responses, particularly with regards to the nuance of your particular practice.

Your personal opinion on a certain matter may differ from the content created by the platform. You’ll want to account for this by reviewing and editing content before utilizing it. 

Likewise, it will lack the ability to speak to the specifics of your business. While it may be capable of providing inspiring information for university grads entering the workforce, it doesn’t know that you provide a four-session workshop on the matter at an introductory rate of $199. 

Furthermore, ChatGPT has been known to repeat inaccuracies. It’s also lacking in training on content more recent than 2021, although this will presumably be rectified over time.

Best Practices for Utilizing ChatGPT to Connect With Audiences

For the above reasons, it’s best to think of ChatGPT as a partner that makes your work easier, not a complete replacement for your involvement. Before utilizing it, define your goals and audience. Afterwards, work to refine and personalize the content. Only then will you be able to create material that truly connects with and engages with your audience.

The best results come from having a conversation with ChatGPT and explaining what assistance you are seeking. For personalized content creation, to maximize the use of this AI Technology to generate engaging content to connect with your target audience across multiple social media platforms, it helps to provide sample text of previous content that you have created, such as past blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, and any other digital marketing assets that you have previously used.

Next Steps

Peak Ed Designs understands the importance of your relationships. That’s why we prioritize authenticity and connection in everything we do. 

We offer website development and content creation packages that utilize your voice and profile your true value proposition. Our maintenance packages ensure that your website continues functioning in a manner that positively reflects your business and fosters relationship building. 

If you answered YES TO “I want to connect with my ideal audience, attract more leads, and increase enrollment of high-paying clients” contact Peak Ed Designs today!

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