8 Reasons to Use Google Analytics & Grow

What are the benefits of using Google Analytics? The popular tool is often installed by website developers, but many business owners don’t understand how to use it or what it does. Some aren’t even aware that it’s functional on their site. Those in the know understand that it’s a roadmap to online success. 

Here are 8 reasons to use Google Analytics.  

It Lets You Know How People Found Your Site 

How are visitors arriving at your website? They may have found it through organic search, social media, referral, email, paid search, display, or simply by typing in your URL. Like an old wise fisherman, the savvy website owner likes to know where the bites are coming from. The insights gained from Google Analytics will allow you to make data-driven decisions and invest your time and energy in the areas that are likely to net the biggest return. Otherwise you’re essentially flying blind. 

Example of reasons to let you know how people found your site.
Valuable insights gained from Google Analytics allow website managers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their site. 

Google Analytics Allows You to Track User Behaviour

Understanding the behaviour of those who visit your site allows you to continuously optimize your site for conversions. Which pages do people visit most? How long does the average visitor stay? How many pages do they visit before leaving? It’s all about user experience and populating your sales funnel, and even subtle upgrades to your user journey or web copy can pay dividends. 

Businesses will often create various landing pages, with each corresponding to a different form of advertising. This will allow them to understand the behaviours of those who arrived at the site via social media, as opposed to those who heard a radio ad or saw a billboard. Over time these findings will allow you to fine tune all aspects of your marketing in order to appeal to various audiences. 

You’ll Be Able to Set Goals and Follow Your Progress 

Another reason to use Google Analytics is the ability it gives you to measure your progress against benchmarks. If you’re fond of SMART goals (and really, who isn’t?) you already know that the M stands for measurable. Do you want more people reading your blog