7 Ways to Win with a VIP or Loyalty Program

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Companies that institute VIP, loyalty, or rewards programs are often rewarded with greater customer loyalty, valuable referrals, and increased sales. Loyalty programs that offer discounts, referral rewards, and exclusive offers will appeal to both existing and potential customers, who will provide you with information, exposure, and business. Everybody likes to feel special, and VIP programs appeal to consumers’ minds as well as their hearts, creating a stronger bond between you and your customers. 

Heed these seven reasons to start a well managed VIP or loyalty program, and reap the rewards!

Discounts and Special Offers Will Increase Sales

Discounts come in many shapes and sizes, and are an excellent way to motivate purchases. Percentage discounts, free shipping, and buy-one-get-one offers can generate excitement amongst your customer base and help convert sales. Creative rewards programs will not only increase general sales, but will encourage purchases during traditionally slow periods, and increase uptake on specific goods or services.  

Example of winning with a VIP program through special offers | Peak Ed Designs
Starbucks has gamified their rewards programs, using a ‘star system’ to encourage very specific behaviour. 

Loyalty Programs Encourage Loyalty

This seems like a bit of a no-brainer, right? There are various ways to reward your customer’s loyalty, including points-based discounts and access to exclusive offers, products, or services. Shoppers who are working toward reward will be dissuaded from spreading their dollars around to other providers. These are powerful ways to shape consumer behaviour and encourage your customers to narrow their list of preferred vendors in your category (ideally down to one!). Remember, if you don’t offer them a reward for their loyalty, your competitors will. 

You’ll Encourage Customer Engagement

Your well-run loyalty or VIP program will be dynamic and exciting. Your website and social media channels will constantly be announcing the latest offers and showcasing those who took advantage of them. This will provide a reason for your best customers to engage with your business online, while hopefully also catching the attention of lapsed or prospective customers. 

VIP Programs Make Customers Feel Important

In fact, that’s what the “I” (in VIP) stands for. While financial incentives will appeal to customers’ rational side, offers that highlight gratitude and exclusivity will carry emotional appeal, encouraging a stronger bond. Some companies go to great lengths to curate exclusive products or events for their most loyal customers. Not only will this sense of belonging encourage long-term allegiance, it just might motivate some positive word of mouth on social media. Never underestimate the power of thanking your customers!

Example of winning with a VIP program by making customers feel important | Peak Ed Designs
Special experiences such as in-store presentations are an excellent way to thank your loyal customers. It doesn’t have to be lavish, but it should speak to your customer base’s unique personality and bond them to your brand. Be creative! 

You’ll Grow Your Mailing Lists

Your loyalty program will provide your program members with valuable rewards, but they’ll provide you with something of value as well: their email addresses. This will provide you with a direct method of communicating with your customers, which will prove much more cost-effective than traditional mass marketing efforts. A rewards program is an important tool that will help you build and manage your sales funnel. 

VIP and Loyalty Programs Facilitate Valuable Feedback and Information

Are you planning to launch a new product or service in the near future? Float it past your program members first in the form of an exclusive offer. Ask them for feedback and use this to fine-tune the offering before initiating a more widespread release. 

Well-managed programs also provide business owners with valuable data on purchase habits. Who tends to buy what and when? What kind of offers or communications generate the best responses? Such information can be used to refine future offerings, or create more specific marketing efforts based on demographics or past behaviour. 

Your Rewards Program Will Generate Referral Opportunities

Creating a referral program is a great way to leverage and reward the goodwill of your program members. Good referral programs offer incentives for both existing and new customers, making it a win for everybody involved. Authenticity is paramount and most people place far greater value upon a personal recommendation from a member of their social circle than they afford communications from a company itself. A modest financial incentive is a small price to pay in exchange for the golden word of one of your valued customers.  

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