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Thank Your Customers, Grow Your Business | Peak Ed Designs blog

‘Thank you’ is among the most powerful phrases in life, and business is no different! Whether in the form of a kind word or thoughtful act, if you thank your customers, you will grow your business, strengthen relationships, stand out, and remain top of mind. A ‘Thank you’ is good manners, but it’s much more than that. It’s an opportunity! 

How Can I Say Thank You to My Customers?  

There’s really no limit to the way that businesses can show their appreciation to loyal customers. Something as simple as an email or text can be a good start. A hand written card is even better! 

Gifts, of course, take your ‘thank you’ to a whole new level! A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be lavish to have impact. An invitation to a customer appreciation event, or a charitable donation in a client’s name are good ways to show your customers that you value them. Birthday freebies, loyalty rewards, and unexpected upgrades will all be welcome, as long as you ensure that your gift doesn’t come off as a bait and switch, or an attempt to generate business.

Perhaps the best way to show your customers that you care is by simply providing them great customer service. Although most customer interactions will end with a ‘thank you’, they often feel robotic. Adding a personal touch to your verbal appreciation will make it feel less scripted, and more valuable. 

Thank your customers with a card or small gift | Peak Ed Designs
A simple thank you message to customers can indicate that you consider them a person, not just a number. Such small gestures can go a long way.

6 Ways that Thanking Your Customers Can Benefit Your Business

Taking the time to thank your customers is bound to pay off. In both the short and long term, expect your appreciation to net the following six benefits. 

Thanking Your Customers will Help You Stand Out from Your Competitors

A nice ‘thank you’, particularly if it’s personalized and sincere, (or valuable!) can go a long way. Your loyal clients will find it a welcome break from the endless sea of impersonal, self-serving, and downright spammy messaging they’re exposed to each day. By communicating the value you place upon your clients, you’ll remain top of mind, facilitating future business. 

Your Gratitude Will Build Trust! 

Trust is truly the basis for any good relationship. If you genuinely care about your customers and take the time to demonstrate it, you will differentiate your business from the masses, and, over time, come to earn their respect. Everybody wants something, but by giving, instead of getting, you will gain the confidence of your client.

Your Customers Will be More Likely to Recommend You

It’s widely believed that bad news travels faster than good news, but don’t underestimate people’s inclination to share a positive story with their friends and colleagues. Receiving appreciation can be an inflating experience, one that your customers may be eager to discuss!

Customers will be more likely to recommend you if you thank them | Peak Ed Designs
The holidays are a great time to show your appreciation to loyal customers. With any luck it will become a topic of conversation during holiday gatherings.

Thank Your Customers, and They’ll Thank You Back

Although thanking your customers should be an act guided by altruism, that doesn’t mean that it won’t benefit you in the long run. The result of your gratitude will be repeat business and the type of loyalty that is less vulnerable to cheap poaching from your competitors. By treating your customers as something more than a number, you’ll increase the likelihood that they’ll return the favor. 

Thanking Your Customers Can Net Valuable Feedback 

As we mentioned, showing appreciation is a part of good manners. So too is listening! Along with your message or gift, invite your customers to provide you some feedback by taking a survey, or by simply responding with a message telling you what you’ve done right, and what could use some work. Data is valuable, but analytics can feel cold and calculated. Personal attention to customer concerns can build closer ties and lead to findings that may get lost in quantitative research. 

It Will Boost Your Social Media

Positive interactions often turn into positive reviews, which can provide true value to companies hoping to stand out online. In addition, customers receiving a thank you note or gift might share their story online, particularly if the gift is photogenic. 

Not only will these posts showcase your company favorably to their connections, but may also lead to additional followers and engagement on your social media channels. 

Thanking your customers will boost your social media | Peak Ed Designs
When you thank your customers with a free gift or memorable experience, it will often find its way onto social media, further enhancing your generous reputation. 

Getting Started 

Loyal customers are the lifeblood of most businesses. While competition will often hinge on products, services, and pricing, loyalty can often lessen your vulnerability. Every aspect of your customers’ experience should reflect your appreciation, from in person interactions, to the verbiage used on your website and email campaigns. Bolstering these daily efforts with special gifts or acknowledgements is a great way to periodically strengthen these ties even further! 

At Peak Ed Designs, we design and build websites that help you form strong relationships with your clients. Using fundamental user experience principles and clear copywriting practices, we strive to convey your value proposition and provide your visitors with a seamless experience. Our free consultation is our way of showing you our appreciation in advance. 

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