Microsoft Excel Level 1

Microsoft Excel Level 1

Instructional Design & Instructing (In-Class): Introduction Microsoft Excel

ICT415-062 Microsoft Excel Level 1 | Peak Ed Design Instructional Design Portfolio

Project Summary

Andrew was asked by the Continuing Education Department of the University of Calgary to build a 14-hour, 5-week in-class introduction course on Microsoft Excel. He was given a textbook to use, broke it down into slides and assessments to meet the intended course outcomes and instruct ICT415: Microsoft Excel Level 1.

Course Outcomes included:
  • Obtain a basic introduction to Excel
  • Navigate around the Excel workbook and worksheet
  • Create and save a workbook
  • Enter data into a worksheet
  • Work with files in Excel
  • Make changes to date in a worksheet
  • Change the structure of a worksheet
  • Add and remove worksheets to a workbook
  • Obtain an introduction to and use simple formulas in a worksheet
  • Display and print formulas in a worksheet
  • Format cells and numbers in a worksheet
  • Emphasize different worksheet areas
  • Apply range names
  • Preview and print worksheets
  • Customize the page setup for printing worksheets