Change My Life Coaching

Change My Life Coaching

Website Development: Life and Business Coaching Companies

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Project Summary

Change My Life Coaching and Change My Business Coaching are two websites designed to showcase and sell the coaching services of Kyle Kalloo and Christopher Lawrence. Videos, testimonials and a clean design reflect the company’s professional image, while carefully crafted copy from our partner ‘Ricca Wrote That’ helps readers relate to the everyday challenges and frustrations the coaching service is designed to address. The various services are cleanly segmented for easy browsing, while a professional presentation of the two principles aims to facilitate a trusted sense of connection. Engaging calls to action prompt sales and a valuable Resources section adds value to the site.

Visit Change My Life Coaching‘s website.
Visit Change My Business Coaching’s website.

Before & After

Before the Website Redesign After the Website Redesign

What the Client is Saying

With our website revamp we found that Andrew was very reliable, quick to respond, and he exceeded our expectations and timelines. His weekly update was very effective. We appreciate him paying attention to the details and being clear in his communication. His adaptability to the change scope and needs was refreshing and we would highly recommend him to those looking to take their website to the next level or have any intentions of creating a lead-generating website.

– Kyle Kalloo – CEO & Business Coach, Change My Life Coaching