YYC Music Awards

YYC Music Awards 2019 | Peak Ed Design Portfolio

Website Redesign: Music Awards Event

The YYC Music Awards purpose is to acknowledge and celebrate the wide range of musical talent the city of Calgary is home to. I worked with two members of the organization team - Leanne Harrison and Shannon Ambrose - to rebuild the existing website, incorporating a new logo and images from previous Awards nights to overhaul the homepage and improve the visual design throughout the entire website.

Visit YYC Music Awards' website.

Peak Ed Designs & COVID-19

This rapidly evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. Fortunately, the team at Peak Ed Designs works entirely remotely and continues to be fully dedicated to helping our clients during this time of unrest in a situation that is far from normal. If you need some help with your website or online course, please visit the Contact page. We are here to help.