Website Evaluation, Tune-Up & Maintenance

Professional, Comprehensive Website Evaluation, Tune-Up & Maintenance

Would you keep an employee that was slow and unreliable? One who gave your potential clients misinformation, caused you extra work and failed to sell anything?

Then don’t keep a website like that either!

Let Peak Ed Designs assess your website. Chances are with a little TLC and a tune-up, it’ll perform much better. We’ll work on your website, so that your website will work for you.

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Love Your Website and It Will Love You Back

Your website is one of the most important aspects of your company, but too often it steals your time and energy, while still not doing the job!

Neglected websites:

  • Are full of outdated plugins and information
  • Lack traffic as a result of poor SEO
  • Fail to convert customers
  • Don’t work or take too long to load
  • Present security vulnerabilities

A proper website maintenance package can decrease your headaches while increasing your customers.

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Get Started to a Well-Oiled Website

Our road to digital recovery is a three-step journey.

  • Website Tune-up - Free Consultation | Peak Ed Designs

    Step One: Free Consultation

    Talk is cheap. In fact, it’s free. During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your website needs, current issues, business goals and online objectives. Understanding your needs will help us understand your website.

  • Website Tune-up - Website Evaluation | Peak Ed Designs

    Step Two: Website Evaluation & Tune-Up

    Before fixing a car, you’ve got to look under the hood. We’ll assess your website and offer advice on improving design, security, performance and SEO, then spend up to two hours addressing some initial issues.

  • Website Tune-up - Choosing a Care Plan | Peak Ed Designs

    Step Three: Choosing a Care Plan

    Now that we’ve evaluated the situation, let’s keep performance optimized on an ongoing basis. We’ll discuss monthly website maintenance care plan packages and together we’ll choose one that’s best for you.

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Peak Ed Designs Understands Websites

Since 2010, Peak Ed Designs founder, Andrew Forbes, has been designing, maintaining, optimizing, and educating people about websites.

According to old wisdom "If all you have is a hammer, all your problems look like nails." Andrew instead prefers to assess each client’s website and objectives, before recommending a course of action that best suits their unique situation.

Peak Ed Designs has many satisfied clients will attest to the holistic, professional service they have received.

With our website revamp we found that Andrew was very reliable, quick to respond, and he exceeded our expectations and timelines. His adaptability to the change scope and needs was refreshing and we would highly recommend him to those looking to take their website to the next level or have any intentions of creating a lead-generating website.
Kyle Kalloo
CEO & Business Coach,
Change My Business Coaching
Change My Business Coaching logo | Peak Ed Designs testimonial
Andrew was extremely patient and kind. His knowledge of this industry was apparent with every suggestion he made at each step of the process. He is professional and approachable and he made this entire experience fun.
April Larson
Public Speaker,
Valued Voices
Valued Voices logo | Peak Ed Designs testimonial
I've had several web pages designed for me over the last decade and I have to say that the job that was performed for us by Andrew and Jonathan was far and away the best job of all of them and the least difficult for us. Professional, creative, and highly responsive are the first adjectives that come to mind. I recommend Peak Ed Designs unconditionally.
Greg Lefsrud
Business Development,
Nuvo Retail Group
Nuvo Retail Group logo | Peak Ed Designs testimonial

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