WordPress Fundamentals

ICT693 WordPress Fundamentals University of Calgary Continuing Education Course

WordPress Fundamentals

Instructional Design & Instructing: Introduction WordPress

After receiving approval from the Continuing Education Department of the University of Calgary to develop a new course on WordPress, I developed the syllabus and a 10-week online synchronous course with 30 hours of instructional face time.

This course was designed for those with no prior knowledge of coding or web development. The goal was to take the learner through the journey of planning out their website idea, introduce them to many topics and techniques around WordPress, including the editors (Classic & Gutenberg), page builders and all the basic settings. An introduction to Search Engine Optimization as well as social sharing tactics and website security was also covered.

Assignments and discussion boards were used to assess learning as the learners built their websites during the 10 weeks using topics and techniques covered in the classes.

Topics included:

  • Configure and customize WordPress
  • Create and publish posts and pages using the Classic Editor and new Gutenberg Block Editor
  • Customize the appearance of your website with themes, widgets, and menus
  • Extend WordPress even further with a variety of plugins
  • Incorporate web design best practices
  • Tips for sharing your website to promote your content, while keeping your site safe and secure will also be introduced.