Microsoft Excel Level 3

ICT417 MS Excel Level 3 - University of Calgary Continuing Education Course

Microsoft Excel Level 3

Instructional Design & Instructing: Advanced Microsoft Excel

I was asked by the Continuing Education Department of the University of Calgary to build a 14-hour, 5-week in-class advanced course on Microsoft Excel. I was given a textbook to use, broke it down into slides and assessments to meet the intended course outcomes and instruct ICT417: Microsoft Excel Level 3.

Topics included:
  • Manage and Share Workbooks
  • Tracking Changes to a Workbook
  • Apply Custom Formats and Layouts
  • Create Advanced Formulas
  • Using Formulas to Look Up Data in a Workbook
  • Advanced Charts and Tables
  • Create and manage PivotTables and Pivot Charts
  • Recording a Basic Macro

I later taught the course to a group of 5 learners.