Everything You Need to Know to Get Clicks

You’ve created a website and filled it with valuable content, but in order for your investment to pay off you need to get clicks! Even if your SEO plan results in an all-important first page ranking, it means very little if people don’t click on your pages. Fortunately you have two significant tools at your disposal: titles and meta descriptions. 

Let’s get people clicking! 

What are Title Tags and Meta Descriptions? 

We’ve all used search engines; therefore, we’ve all been exposed to titles and meta descriptions, even if we didn’t realize it. A search engine results page (SERP) will highlight a title for each suggested page, followed by a few lines of text designed to provide an indication of what awaits those who click through. 

Below is an example of a great blog post, optimized to get clicks. The title (‘6 Reasons…) is the hook, while the meta description (‘Our innovative…’) provides context and invites the visitor to click to learn more.  

In WordPress, the content management system that Peak Ed Designs uses to build websites, this information is easily entered for each page, giving Google and other search engines direct instructions about what to display on the SERP. 

Example of Getting clicks using title tags and meta descriptions
For our client Davel’s blog section, we ensure that headlines are catchy and meta descriptions are informative and inviting. This provides visitors with a clear reason to click through.

Writing Titles and Meta Descriptions that Get Clicks

Your title and meta description should be thought of as an opportunity to tell somebody why they should click on your page. Most search engine users are looking to obtain information, solve a problem, or buy something. 

Here you have an opportunity to persuade them that this is the place to do so! You want to tell them what you’re going to tell them, but also how it will improve their lives. Think features over benefits

What to Include in Titles and Meta Descriptions

Let’s consider the title and meta description of the very page you are currently reading. 

Title: Everything You Need to Know to Get Clicks | Peak Ed Designs

Meta Description: Utilize titles and meta descriptions to get clicks on your website and grow your business. Strategies and formats for effective SERP writing. 

What’s Included on the Page?

According to the title, everything! The meta description is more precise, promising strategies and formats. 

What are the Benefits? 

There’s plenty of time in the copy to dive deeper into information. You’ll notice that the meta description here promises to ‘get clicks on your website’, which is probably what you want. Drilling down another level, we offer to help you ‘grow your business’, which is probably what you really, really want. 


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